10 Kasım 2016 Perşembe

Let's Get Rid of The Pain in Less Than 2 Minutes!!!

Astonishing isn't it?
However, no kidding about it. One of my Theta Techniques I am about to share will give you astonishing results.
Try and see it with your own eyes.

First of all, close your eyes and focus on your pain. Feel that misery deeply again.
Then, think of your pain and form it. The first form comes to your mind is right. That form can be rectangular, circle or whatever. Deform it. Make it  a straight line and step over it.

Secondly, give that pain any color.
And shift it to white color. Lay it on the floor and step over it.

Third, try to sense the movement of your pain.
Concentrate on how it moves like. If it moves forward, shift it to backward and vice versa. If the movement is like a rotation to any side, shift it to opposite side.
The main point of doing this is an action to the opposite of whatever the movement is.

And Last, give it a sound.
What does it sound like. Is it like a loud noise then lower it or stop it completely. Make it silent.

Now, open your eyes, take a deep breath and see if you have any pain going on!!!
What do you think???
Astonishing isn't it?

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