26 Temmuz 2016 Salı

From Individual Meditation to The Mass Conversion

One human can change the whole world.
Yes, indeed!
But, how?
We create our world by our thoughts, no matter how harmful they could be.
We could only change that result of our uncontrollable thoughts by using our emotions.

Recently, one million Budhist children in Thailand, meditated together for world peace.

Can you imagine how effective would it be for our reality?

That action would be lots of times effective than doing it alone. The main energy vortex has infinite number of various vibrations that create its own frequency. Thoughts we have broadcast different vibrations and get into the same frequency by alingning with the same matching one.
Therefore. as a result, our reality forms in shapes.

We touch this level of energy vortex by our emotions, individualy.
 However, if we focus our thoughts on the same issue at the same time with enough numbers of people, we can change our reality into the different one as we wish, in return.

We all are individual worlds. We are responsible every single event and people we come across.
Therefore, we can change our reality for the best one for everyone either.

We create our local reality constantly and spontaneously. We either focus on and activate the energy underneath or we ignore and make it stay still., till we activate it.

As you see, we are the reality itself...

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