8 Ağustos 2016 Pazartesi

Do Not Drink Water Standing Up!!!

Yes indeed, don't drink water while standing up. Find a place to sit down or just crouch  a little while you drink.

When you drink water on your standing up position, water goes through your doudenum directly without stopping in your stomach. Therefore, it was not get cleaned by your stomach acid to be purified.
 Bacteries can get your body sick.

However, when yo do drink it sitting down, then bacteries in water get cleared out of it by acids that stomach produces to digest food.

If you have to stand up and drink, at least put your both toes up and drink. this way, your body's safety valve in your stomach stops water to purify bacteries and let go to your duodenum.

Drinking fluid seems to be granted for by us, it seems to be routine behaviour, however it is very important for our bodies to remain healthy for good.

Water molecules hold knowledge as well, so drink it with positive attitude and relax yourself.
Turn this basic need into a sacred rituel.

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