21 Haziran 2016 Salı

Private Sessions

Private Sessions: thru internet (Skype)
Duration: 1.15 hour
Fee: $100
Payment: Money Gram or Western Union
Language: English

We all have the power to live our life the way we want. However, barriers and problems we encounter on the way to success make us give up and be disappointed.

There are lots of methods  to expand our conscious state. The most important difference between these various methods and the technics I use is the exact results at the end of the sessions. I have been doing researches and works on human consciousness and subconscious state. I have stayed in the United States for about 10 years, studied Endustrial Design and a long the stay, I have attended seminars and workshops of the Masters, such as Hawaiian psyhologist Dr Hew Len, Anthony Robbins, and Gregg Braden. I have searched to develop my own methods set on the basic according to result I have gotten.

During my Theta techniques, I looked for the best results depending on different clients. I found out that every person react different than one another during my Theta sessions. I had to do spontaneous movement to handle different problems came across. I did researches till I could control every clients'  the state of unseen level. Because this level as said is unseen and infinite. There are infinite numbers of potential possibilities of us. The main purpose is to find one of the best possibilities of us, use our emotions to match one and shapen into our reality state.

 In our Theta sessions, I get the client go into deep state of couscious and remain there to see things that pop out. Finding them no matter how important role they play in clients' life, we work on them together and getting  rid of it causes the matching ones to follow them. After the cleanning duration, we record the ones client want the most in life. We do this process one by one until the right emotions  are replaced in.

Then subconscious state recognizes these emotions and tries to find same matching vibrations of the events or persons to form them in client's life, as rapid as it can.

I really get enormous and astounding results after the sessions, according to feedback of my clients'.

In order to step on the best life you have been looking for, just send me an e mail to settle the day and time for Theta session.

Also, I can send you the Theta Techniques I use in my sessions to your e mail in pdf format to use yourself as a handbook to success for only 40$ payment.

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