28 Temmuz 2013 Pazar


Living in this exceptional time of existence is very exciting. From now on most of your habits of your thought and belief system won't work for you anymore. Some of your subconscious knowledge and beliefs come from your ancestors. It is very very diffucult to alter these system of habits and takes quite a bid of time. You  all have been programmed to believe something has to cause to create effect.
However this belief will change that effect has already been there so it will make related cause to happen.
You believe and you be. Therefore that state of being will create causes to make itself the way it has been believed. So knowing that concluded state will be the effect and cause.
If you want to have different destiny rather than you seem to be having unwanted state of being then change your focus to a different one among the others that have been staying to be experienced by you.
Believe than See, Know and Be!

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