28 Mart 2014 Cuma


Every creation is made of various vibrations.
These vibrations get higher or lower depend on the emotions of entities.

 What you read is not a joke, every entities even you think of not alive have senses in an unusual way. Because creations are real and there. However vibrations' attunement with alike makes syncronization that alters  their frequencies.
Advancing technologies are only a higher vibration in a specific frequency.
That's how we see each other in shapes.
Some lower vibrating entities are struggling the higher ones to keep them in their place. They try to cut down their technologies which in fact their higher frequency. In this case, cristal entities have to be awared of this danger. Because universe is planned to go on and meet its higher orijin which is called CREATOR.
 We as humans seek for our creator outside of us.
 However THE CREATOR is in us.
When we see this fact there will be no longer wickedness be exist among us.

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