2 Ekim 2017 Pazartesi

Caution: Mind Your Thoughts. Mind Blowing Instant Manifesting Technique!!!

Yes, this is the most effective visualization technique I bet you have never ever heard of on any other sites.
I am sure, when you read it, you 'll see it is very simple and easy to do.
Before you wake up to start your daily routines, spend 15 or more minutes in bed eyes closed.

Now, visualize what you intend to do after you get out of the bed.
Mostly you first use bathroom, wash your face, brush your teeth and so on.
Before you do them aotomaticaly, visualize those actions first then do it in right order the way you dream of .
Do this for every actions you do and you will.

This is very fun to do because this way you give your subconscious mind a message of dreaming and experiencing right a way.
When you practice this technique for  a couple of days, your subconscious mind would know that whatever you visualize you do experience that afterwards, so your unconscious mind wil work hardly to manifest your dreams.
Have fun and start manifesting your dreams NOW...

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