21 Eylül 2017 Perşembe

September23, 2017? What is the real meaning of this date?

First of all, do not pay attention to all that so called end of the world crap.

On that day, earth schuman resonance from bottom oscillation point  will rise up to the center oscillation point.
This means, vibration of the current frequency wiil oscillate one step up.
 No need to worry much, however should be cautious against radical mood changing.
Yo might feel anxious, stressed and dizzy.
Your body vibration should attune to it.
Stay calm, and relaxed to get it over.
Otherwise you might get really ill.
Time perception would be expanding from lineer to circular perception.
Time would be perceived as if passing faster than ever.
We are changing our reality from body counsciousness to mind, body and soul harmony.

Our reality shifting to higher dimensional reality...

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