27 Temmuz 2015 Pazartesi

About Tuncay Yeşilpınar!

Tuncay Yeşilpınar was born in İzmir/Türkiye in 1962. After he finished high school education, he went to the United States to study industrial design. He completed the bachelor's degree of art at the University of Long Beach State. At the same time he was doing researches on the personel development areas. He took lots of courses and attended in workshops given by the scientists and best seller authors wellknown globally. He continued his researches through out his youth and now on. He lives in İzmir and an author of two books named MIRACLES OF ALINGMENT and ARE YOU ALIVE? in areas of Personel Development. He also is an editor and columnist of a magazine. He gives courses and workshops in varies cities. He also gives SKYPE sessions as well. He is a master of Theta subconscious reprogramming  and emotional freedom techiques called EFT. http-equiv="content-language"content="am-EN"

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