27 Haziran 2015 Cumartesi


Words have very strong effects on our daily life experiences. As our thoughts create words to explain our intentions, these words have various vibrations. They get the matching vibrated experiences to create in our daily life. So we should be very careful to choose words to say. It will come back to us as an our experience. We must pick the right words to speak.
For example when we say the word  "together" a couple of times that means we are acting with the Creator behind us. It is a strong powerfull word we should repeat lots of times.
when you have struggles to get through use this word and wait till it solves your problem. You will see that it will get you through the hassles. Looking for lost objects, use it and find it.
Have fun with this magical word TOGETHER AND SEE HOW FINE IT WORKS... http-equiv="content-language"content="am-EN"

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