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I have been doıng one to one subconscıous reprogramming sessions for about 25 years. I know that these sessions take your money and time. We are not special or so called chosen people. However I have been doing searches and practices for many years. Let's say,  I developed myself very intensely.
Now I know which techniques  work better than the other. So I decided to share these techniques as little as for only 10$ with people who are interested in developing their life to the best.
YES YOU CAN USE THESE TECHNIQUES ON YOUR OWN. It may take a little practice and you'll see the results and be amazed by your own power. I am also a writer of personel development books. Unfortunetly not written in English but soon will be.
I gave my IBAN # on my web site. If you decide to change your life to the edge of the best than try it.
When you deposit 10 $ leave your e mail address so I can send you the techniques.
my e mail: yesilpinar24@yahoo.com

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