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24 years of experience gave me the mastery of selling anything to anybody whenever and whereever I want to.
First of all, you should believe to see you can do it. Then, you must know you be the master of selling in any concept of business. You must use some persuading techniques to make people feel the quality they always deserve to buy. Use body languages to get their attention. For example act as if you used that product so you are %100 satisfied. However you should be very neat looking to get their admiration. Use your voice from your throat and talk slowly and fluently. Use command verbs such as '' I recommend you not to miss this sale to BUY THİS NOW.'' And also, ''I friendly tell you that tomorrow will be to late to PURCHASE THİS.'' Use eye contact to make them not to go away from you. People tend to rush away from the place where they feel to be forced to buy. So do not give them that chance. If you still can not persuade then use this last call to make them regret suh as '' To keep in mind we do this sale for this price so you can get it till the duration of  time that I am not sure.''
In conclusion when you start to convince someone to sell something act as if you already sold it.

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