3 Haziran 2014 Salı


There are cruelty, sorrow and too much pain to bare in this world, right. And naturally you wonder where our creator GOD is.
I answer you right away.
THERE ıs justice in this universe.
Nothing is unfair.
 You know why, because every creation is right here and in limitless number. Every past, present and future of your potantial versions exist and waiting for you to be experienced. I mean every version from worse to the best state of your being.
When you face some people's sorrow or this could be child's deadly sufferring disease, trust me ıt is your reflection to be realized by you. So you can fix that unhealthy side of your self.
In that case,  you get into resonance with that suffering version of that child's self state. That child doesn't experience that state but you to get awared of that feeling so you don't experience it in your future. In your reality what you face doesn't mean that person is suffering. You think that way so you get the feeling of empathy.
On the other side of the story that child might be experiencing his or her better state of being  you never know that because every being is responsible for self being.
This  is a very limitless circle. Every creation is right there and you jump from one to another.
 It is that simple.
So from now on don't prejudge anybody and anything.
You cause every experience so you learn from it.

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